What is the best pitch of whistle for me and my dog?

There are so many different pitched whistles out there sometimes it's hard to know where to start. If you have never used a whistle for dog training before here is a simple guide.

RETRIEVING BREEDS (eg Golden Retrievers, Labradors)
The retrieving breeds tend to work at greater distances from the handler and usually move through large open spaces. It is recommended to use the 211.5 (5700Hz) which can be heard, weather dependent, at about 1.5km by your dog.

SPANIELS (eg Cocker, Springer)
Spaniels tend to work at closer quarters to their handler and so it is recommended to use a 210.5 (6200Hz) which can be heard, weather dependent, at up to 90m distance.

POINTERS (eg GSP, Hungarian Vizsla, Weimeraner)
Pointing breeds tend to work at great distances and through thick cover it is recommended to use the 211.5 (5700Hz) or 212.0 (5200Hz) whistle, enabling the sound to carry further and through more cover.

GENERAL (All Breeds)
When training we also recommend using our Pip & Click. It is particularly useful for training a stop whistle, recall whistle, check-ins ie at distance training, as the frequency operates down at 3400Hz and has a lovely sharp click too.

I have heard it said many a time once you pick your pitch of whistle, stick to it. Personally, I have not found that once a dog is trained on a particular pitch they ignore a different pitch. I believe it is more about the intonation of your pips as to whether your dog responds to you. The importance of pitch relates more to the distances, cover and weather conditions as to the success of whether your dog hears that whistle. Of course there are some dogs who don't hear you at all and have gone self employed, this is time to go back to the basics and start over with your whistle training!

Here are the different whistle pitches