Designed For You - Celtic Knot Slip Lead
Designed For You - Celtic Knot Slip Lead

Designed For You - Celtic Knot Slip Lead

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Our customers asked and we listened, a slip lead with a twist!

Off the back of our popular Heel Helper we had quite a few requests to make a normal length slip lead but with a celtic knot instead of a the usual looped handle.

It is very comfortable on the hand and for some who struggle with looped leads due to health conditions like athritis and reynauds it really does make a difference. The lead is made with 8mm diameter rope to make the celtic knot just the right size for the hand and comes in a selection of colours and lengths.

The rope is made from PPM cord otherwise known as polypropylene multifilament fibre. It has incredible merits : lightweight, floats, mildew resistant, rot resistant, high breaking load, dries quickly, non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. The cord would more commonly be found on sailing yachts!

The whipping is made from 1.4mm paracord and the stop is braided from 4mm paracord. A cord originally used in the military because of its strength and flexibility. The whipping is strong enough to make it durable but soft enough to be malleable against the dogs neck. The braided stop moves smoothly, but has enough resistance to avoid slipping.

The stainless steel thimble was chosen to make the lead hard wearing and long lasting. We know our leads get exposed to all kinds of crazy weather in the UK, thankfully this baby won't rust! The size of the thimble will change according to the cord diameter used.

Prices include postage to the UK. Once your order is received it will be made and on its way to you normally within 10-14 days. You will receive a dispatch email to say it is on its way. Please note all sizes and colours are approximate.

From time to time you may want to clean your lead, especially if you choose lighter colours in your design. Click on this link to find out how to best care for your lead.

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