About Us

Here at activeK9 Designs we handbraid items for active dogs and their owners. Whether its Gundog Lanyards, AeroDummys, Dog Leads or totally bespoke, we pride ourselves in every item we make.

Designed to be eye catching, with quality, comfort and durability in mind
We like to think our ideas are original in design, quality, the materials we use, and finish. All our items are tested rigorously in the field, ensuring they are fit for what they were designed for. We pride ourselves in making comfortable, durable, eye catching, high quality products that you can trust.

Made Just for You!
Every item is made to order just for you, nothing is held in stock. Once an order and payment is received it is hand braided and on its way to you within 10-14 days. If you would like something unique or personalised you can contact us and we will help you come up with that something a little bit special.

What Do We Do?
All our items are hand braided using paracord or PPM cord, depending on the product. They are fabulous materials to work with and result in a soft yet hard wearing product and does not degrade with wear or weather. The colours available vary from conservative classics, to bright and vibrant. With so many colours to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect colour combinations. Frequently we make bespoke items like game carriers, priest cords, handsfree fobs and and straps. Pretty much if you can braid it we can make it!

Our History

It all started back in April 2014 when I made a few lanyards as a hobby and wanted something different to the boring piece of string and I love bright colours! I then made a few lanyards for friends who then posted a picture on Facebook and as they say "the rest was history". A business Facebook page was set up for Gundog Lanyards and within 24 hours I had more orders than I could make and received trade enquiries from the likes of Sporting Saint, Active Hound, Fassimare and featured in several specialist magazines and digital magazines as must have items. Then came the AeroDummys, a product I developed for myself so I could take my training with me anywhere, they flew out like hotcakes, literally. Then finally came the leads, the product that took the most time to test and develop because I'm a stickler for perfection!

ActiveK9 Designs, Test & Development Team