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The SnipeAero is a little gem! Small, mighty and perfect for when you want to encourage hunting and multiple retrieves. The SnipeAero is designed to be lightweight so you can carry multiple dummys with little effort. It is available in a wonderful range of colours helping both you the trainer and your dog to spot the dummy more easily. The dummy is braided so it is soft and malleable mimicking the 'give' of a real life retrieve. Designed with a 'long-lob' cord rather than a loop with your dogs safety in mind.

The dummy is made with special cord that floats and is perfect for water retrieves. It is mildew and rot resistant and can cope with our lovely British weather, salty water and lots of dog saliva. No slimy dummys here! During testing 80% of our testers commented how quickly the dummy dried in comparison to other dummys.

The idea for SnipeAERO came about as I always loved to carry a training dummy with me on walks. They can help to keep your dog's focus on you. Occasionally, you can capture that gundog retrieve setup you would have otherwise missed if all the dummys were at home! I have dummys permanently in my jacket pocket.

- Bar length 10cm (4")
- Bar width 5cm (2")
- Long-lob handle 20cm (8")
- Total dummy length 30cm (12")
- Weight 45g

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- This dummy is designed for retrieval training and not for use as a tug toy.
- All sizes and colours are approximate.