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The Heel Helper
The Heel Helper
The Heel Helper
The Heel Helper

The Heel Helper

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We have developed this speciality lead with the help of some of the most highly regarded people in the trade. Our heel helper is exactly what it says, a means to helping handlers encourage their dogs to want to heel. They are like a childs stabilisers, giving the dog the feel that they are still connected to their handler even though after a few stages they are not being 'restrained' at all. The lead is 24" (61cm) in length and is 6mm diameter keeping it short and light so as to let your dog think he is still connceted but light enough to let go and not notice. We have added a stop and celtic knot end to keep your dog more safe in cover when training.

Here is what Nick Ridley has to say :
"I have always been keen to buy British, especially hand-made products. I know you may have to pay a bit more than imported goods, but you can be assured that the quality is going to be good and the product will last. Active K9 Designs have been making high quality leads and whistle lanyards for many years, but it was their new product that caught my eye. The “Heel Helper” is in essence a short slip lead with a traditional Celtic knot in the end so the lead can be easily held on to. When training a dog to walk to heel you would get to the stage where you would wrap the lead around the dog’s neck, so it thinks it is still connected to the handler. All too often the lead ends up coming undone and tripping up the dog, the “Heel Helper” overcomes this issue, when ready to make the transition swap over to the “Heel Helper” walk the dog at heel whilst holding on to the knot and when ready simply let go. The dog thinks it is still attached to the handler, trials have shown that the dogs ignore the knot as it is lighter and less obtrusive than a plastic toggle which can bang against the side of the dog.

The Heel Helper can also be used when steadying a dog to thrown retrieves and also as an intermediate training aid when teaching a sit stay, especially on a place board. The leads are small enough to stick in a pocket and are made from PPM cord (polypropylene multifilament) which is smooth to touch, low weight, weather resistance and has a high breaking load. "

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Never leave your dog unattended with the heel helper on.

Prices include postage to the UK. Once your order is received it will be made and on its way to you normally within 10-14 days. You will receive a dispatch email to say it is on its way. Please note all sizes and colours are approximate.

From time to time you may want to clean your lead, especially if you choose lighter colours in your design. Click on this link to find out how to best care for your lead.