Varibrace - Design Your Own

Varibrace - Design Your Own

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PLEASE NOTE : as you select your colours the main image changes to reflect your choices.

Our Varibrace is a clever piece of equipment!

Easily change the number of slip leads you need for your current situation with a maximum load of 4 dogs per lead. Each dog has its own swivel making it handy for 'spinners'. The handler also has a swivel which is great for when you need to turn. Each lead incorporates a thimble smooth slide loop and a cobra stop.

We use the best metalwear we can source. This baby uses marine grade stainless steel throughout. It won't rust and is the most hardwearing you will find.

Choose the number of leads, length and personalise to your own colours.

We have used a soft and malleable 8mm rope for this beauty. The rope is lightweight, mildew resitant, high breaking load, dries quickly, non-toxic ... the sort of cord you would more commonly find on a sailing yacht!

The whipping is made from 1.4mm paracord and the stop is braided from 4mm paracord. A cord originally used in the military because of its strength and flexibility. The whipping is strong enough to make it durable but soft enough to be malleable against the dogs neck.

** If it is a requirement of your country to only use a limited slip lead select 'Please Include' in the Metal Limiter drop-down. The limiter is made from stainless steel.

Please note the image does not change when you add additional slip leads but please be assured your order will include your additional slips.

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Please note all sizes and colours are approximate and that the image created by your choices is an artistic impression of what your lead could look like.

From time to time you may want to clean your lead, especially if you choose lighter colours in your design. Click on this link to find out how to best care for your lead.